There are several free and some subscription-based servers available for playing bridge on the Internet. OkBridge is the oldest of the still-running Internet Bridge services; players of all standards, from beginners to world champions may be found playing there. OKbridge is a subscription based club, so it offers premium services such as customer support and ethics reviews. SWAN Games is a more recent competitor. Bridge Base Online is the most populated online bridge club in the world, as it is free to play regular games. The above online clubs offer various features such as options to earn ACBL and ABA masterpoints, play in online tournaments, compile lists of friends, purchase software to improve Bridge skills, and earn money playing Bridge. On Bridge Base Online there is also a Vugraph feature where important international events are shown for anyone interested to

Web Links for Duplicate-Bridge Players

Synrey Bridge Official Website|Intelligent Bridge Wisdom Life
American Bridge Association(ABA) -- A website primarily for members of the (ABA).
American Contract Bridge League-- A huge site with resources for beginners through experts. Some interesting areas to check out include:
  • ACBL Member area-- Check your masterpoints online.
  • Online bridge-- Links to online clubs that offer ACBL masterpoint games.
  • Tournaments-- Calendars and results from sectional, regional and national tournaments.
  • Convention cards-- Templates for filling out and printing your partnership's convention card. Includes a link to Lee Edwards' free convention-card software.
  • SAYC booklet -- Details on the conventions included in the Standard American Yellow Card system.
  • Bridge laws-- American edition of the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.
  • Alert procedure-- Detailed instructions and explanations on how to use the alert system.
  • Duplicate clubs -- Find a duplicate game in your hometown in this list of ACBL clubs in the U.S. and Canada.
The Daily Hand- Daily bridge hand from Bridge Clues 
Laws of Bridge-- The 1987 and 1997 versions of the official laws of bridge (American and British) with links to explanatory articles.
Ecats Bridge-- News on international tournaments, laws and appeals, plus a good selection of articles and other interesting bridge features. Maintained by Anna Gudge and Mark Newton of the U.K.
Standard American Yellow Card-- Detailed explanations of conventions used in the "SAYC" system, which is popular among players in online bridge clubs.
How to matchpoint-- A step-by-step guide from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies on how to figure matchpoints from traveling score slips and interpret the results on recap sheets.
Duplicate movements-- from Baron Barclay. Also available are Alex Groner's instructions for setting up a rainbow individual movement.
Online bridge clubs-- Links to okbridge and other clubs where you can play duplicate bridge on the Internet. -- online forums for the discussion of any bridge topic or issue.
Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies-- an online bridge store for all kinds of bridge supplies.
Fifth Chair-- a non-profit site that teaches bridge to beginners.
The Bridge Teacher- The ACBL Newsletter for Bridge Teachers.