Merit Nomination Form

ABA member for at least 20 consecutive years.
Record of outstanding services at the local, sectional, and national levels. National officers, including Sectional Vice Presidents, are ineligible for nomination until they leave office.
Nomination Procedures

  1. Individual members, clubs, or units should complete a nomination form for the candidates of their choice.
  2. All completed nominations should be submitted to the SECTION’S REPRESENTATIVE of the Life Membership/MeritCommittee.
  3. At the Section’s meeting prior to the Summer National, the candidates and their application should be presented to the membership. The membership votes for the candidate to be recommended by the respective Section.
  4. Each Section may submit the name of only one candidate annually to the National chairperson. (However, it is not mandatory that a Section participate.) The Section Vice President must sign the nomination form as verification that the candidate is the Section’s choice.
  5. Completed nomination forms and accompanying letters of recommendation should be mailed to the National chairperson, postmarked no later than July 15.
  6. The National Life Membership/Merit Awards Committee will review all applications at the site of the Summer Nationals. Candidates will be ranked utilizing a point scale that is based on records of service. The four highest scoring candidates will be recommended for Life Membership. In addition, each National President will receive Life Membership upon leaving office.
  7. The committee will deduct five (5) points for late applications; and two (2) points for missing pages to be replaced.
  8. Life Members will receive a gold card and will be exempt from National, Sectional and local dues for life.

B.  MERIT AWARD - (one per Section annually)
Sections should identify a candidate that has rendered meritorious service WITHOUT COMPENSATION the PREVIOUS YEAR. Each section is guaranteed one merit award per year. A total of (8) merit awards are available annually. If a Section does not submit a recommendation in a given year, the count will be reduced to reflect the number of nominations received. Sections may submit the name of only one Merit Award nominee annually. Merit Award recipients will receive a certificate of appreciation from the Association and a check in the amount of $ 100.00.

Any person, including non-ABA members, is eligible for nomination. Candidates must have made, within the previous year, an outstanding contribution to the association. The service should be of an efficient, impacting and time-consuming nature WITHOUT COMPENSATION. Such service could have been performed at any level of the organization.

NOMINATION PROCEDURES The sponsoring Section must complete a NOMINATION FORM. After Sectional endorsement, the nomination form, accompanied by a one page letter of support and candidate’s photograph, should be forwarded to the Merit/Life Membership Chairperson.

Merit Nomination Form