The players point update is sent several times a year. It is emailed by the National Office or the National Staff Development chair.

To start the import of the players file you should know where it is (what drive, what folder, etc.) or the easiest is to download it to a jumpdrive and insert the jumpdrive into the computer’s USB port

The clubhouse computer should  be updated as often. Individual directors and the clubhouse email receive the file regularly. The file is usually named “players.txt” There could be a number in the file name to differentiate from the previous ones sent.

Let’s start the process: Open ACBLscore, click on Database and move down to Import/Merge. Click on it



Select #3 “Import a comma delimited file” Enter

Now this is where you need to know where the file is. In the example the file was on a jumpdrive in the E:\ drive. Find the file click on it. It will appear in file name. Click on “Open”


If the information is correct in the box Click on “Yes”

Click on #1. It updates players in the current file and adds any new players to the database. Click OK 

Click OK or press Enter

This page requires several steps. Use the function key F8 to untag all. Then use the Space Bar to tag the first 4 lines. Then press the function key F9 to import.

This next step requires that you very carefully follow the instructions; any deviation will cause the database to become unusable. The screen to the left is an example of what information is in the database for each player. We will mimic that.

Using the mouse click on ‘Player number’. You will see it move to the top and turn red. Each subsequent click follows the same pattern. Now click on

Last name

First name

Street 1



Zip/ postal code

Home phone

Total points

That’s 9 items. Using the function key press F9 to import.

Click on NO. 

Make sure that the Data Base line is highlighted. That is where you want this information to go.
Not to tournament.

You should see it loading. Once it is at 100% you are done with the update.

Click OK and you will return to the opening screen of ACBLscore.