OPENING LEADS AGAINST SUIT CONTRACTS Presenter Eunice Patton Tuesday, August 31, 2021 4-5PM EST.

INT FORCING Presenter Linda Dunn Friday and Saturday, September 10-11, 2021 4-5PM EST

2 DIAMONDS WAITING Presenter Larry Rich Saturday, September 25, 2021 1-2PM EST

OPENING LEADS AGAINST NO TRUMP CONTRACTS Presenter Eunice Patton Tuesday, September 28, 2021

4-5PM EST EFFECTIVE USE OF THE DOUBLE Presenter Hank Irwin Tuesday, October 5,Tu 2021 1-2PM EST

USING THE RULES AND BECOMING A BETTER PARTNER Presenter Dr. Gwendolyn Middlebrooks Tuesday, October 12, 2021 1-2 PM EST.


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The ABA was formed in 1932 by black tennis players at Buckroe Beach, Virginia; at the time, blacks were excluded from most bridge events. The desire to compete in the sport of tennis despite the racial barriers of the time resulted in the creation of the American Tennis Association in 1916. The Association often held its matches on college campuses such as Hampton Institute, now Hampton University, and Lincoln University, where adequate facilities were available. One such championship event was held at Hampton in the year, 1932. At the conclusion of the tournament, a group of tennis players, who were also bridge enthusiasts, suggested having a duplicate bridge match in the evening as a form of relaxation. This event, coupled with impetus from the Cromwell School of Contract Bridge in New York City, marked the beginning of the American Bridge Association. Dr. M.E. DuBisette became the first president of the ABA and the first National Bridge Tournament was held in Buckroe Beach, Virginia in 1933. ;">View More