Directors' Work Ethic



HAVE your Laws book ever handy and quote the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge. Offer fair and equitable solutions in all situations, whether the players be of note or of lesser talents, to assure that all play is within the rules

APPROACH all players with respect and courtesy, and in each situation give full attention, so that your approach minimizes the emotional potentials inherent in each

CONDUCT your games with decorum and the purest examples of exemplary conduct, as if in your own home, in order to be the best model available for the players to honor

DEAL with player complaints and conflicts with understanding and tolerance, and become not involved personally with such matters, referring them to higher authorities when necessary

CONTRIBUTE time, energy, and information to the growth and maturation of directing

BE READY always to help your players and co-workers to the end of the situation, and to perform player-service tasks without prompting

 HAVE at your fingertips the knowledge of events and configurations necessary to complete your assigned tasks. Anticipate the problems and needs which might arise within your activities, and have solutions ready for implementation

BE ABLE to score competently, by hand and/or computer, any game which you might be asked to direct

BE FAMILIAR with all rules, regulations, and procedures of your Sponsoring Organization, and ready to enforce them equally and fairly

EXPAND your knowledge and experience of your work through seeking varied reference sources, persons, or incidents to that end