Become A Teacher

ABA Certified Teachers wanted!  Join the growing team of dedicated and enthusiastic bridge teachers.  Share the game you play and enjoy with others, become an ABA Certified Teacher.  The Teacher Certification Committee is committed to supporting bridge teachers and facilitating their efforts to provide excellent bridge instructions.We’ve expanded our staff development and Bridge Education program to include teacher training accreditation programs so that you can select a time that is right for you: The ABA Teacher Certificatiom Program, is training new teachers. 

Teachers' Aids

Teacher Business Card Template 

Always have available your teacher’s business card you never know when you might meet a prospective student. Save template on your computer and edit with your information, but be careful not to change the format. Print using business card stock.

(When you click on the link above the form is download to your computer and can be open with Microsoft Word. Do not change the template.)


Student Roster

Teachers complete a student roster for each bridge class. Make sure student names, address, email and telephone numbers are printed clearly or typed. 


Bridge Class Evaluation

This is an invaluable tool. Feedback from your students will help you improve your delivery for future classes. Have each student complete and return to you an evaluation at the end of your course.


Bridge Class Planning Worksheet 

I highly recommend charging a fee for bridge instructions. This planning worksheet will help you set a budget for your class. See how much it cost to conduct a quality class.


Beginners Class Certificate 

Students appreciate a certificate documenting the completion of training. This is not perfect but for the cost of good paper, (resume or parchment paper is recommended) and a color printer it makes a very nice document. It also gives those students who wish to join the ABA at a later time documented proof of taking the class.