Awarding scholarships  is one of the major community projects of the American Bridge Association.  The number of scholarships awarded is currently three (3) for each of the eight sections, $1000.00 per recipient.  The Scholarship Program is funded through proceeds from the Nationwide Scholarship Game, scholarship games sponsored by Sections/Units/Clubs and other funds from the ABA Educational and Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Scholarship Committee is composed of a chairperson and two (2) members from each section.  Every attempt should be made to maintain continuity on this committee. 


  1. Eligibility for Scholarships: Any undergraduate student who has successfully completed one or more years of college, or one or more terms in a post-secondary trade or vocational school, may apply for an ABA Scholarship by:
    1. Completing the ABA application form
      Submitting an official transcript  to the local Unit/Independent Club Scholarship Committee Chair.
    2. Submitting three (3) completed ABA reference forms.  The applicant may secure the official ABA application and reference forms from the local Unit Chair or  the ABA website.   These items are to be returned to the Unit Chair prior to the date of the Sectional Tournament. Sections will set a deadline for this   requirement due to the variance of tournament dates among the sections
    3. Scholarships are renewable, up to three years upon request, with evidence of successful completion of study for each of theprevious years.  An official signed transcript must accompany the renewal form.  Grades needed before final grades are recorded may be submitted via a letter indicating a grade for each course taken, verified by the instructor’s signature
  2. Forms:  The application and reference forms are self-explanatory. It is suggested that pertinent information concerning the applicant be determined from  written statements of persons completing the reference forms. Committee members are encouraged to seriously consider these statements when making their selections.
    1. Applications should be distributed prior to the Spring National.   They should be received and reviewed by the local Unit Committee prior to the  Sectional Meeting where the candidates for awards for the Section are to be selected.
    2. Materials submitted by the candidates are to be sent to the National Scholarship Committee Chair to be received no later than July 15th.  The members  of the National Scholarship Committee will review materials from the candidates.  The Committee makes recommendations for payment of stipends to the abaECF Board of Directors.
    3. Stipend checks are sent directly to the Awardees by October 31st of each year.
    4. Stipend checks will not be mailed until confirmation has been received by the National Scholarship Chair to verify awardees have reported to the University/College for the fall semester.  The abaECF must be advised of the status of Awardees on or before September 15th.
  3. Procedures:
    1. Local/Unit Scholarship Chair and Committee:  There is no limit to the number of applications that may be submitted to the Section Committee from local Units.  Units should be aware of the number of initial and renewal scholarships available for their Section.
    2. Duties of the Local Committee:
              1)      Receives applications and reference forms from Section Chair.
              2)      Distributes forms to applicants upon request.
              3)      Receives completed forms and official transcripts from applicants
              4)      Checks application for completeness and determination of eligibility.
              5)      Submits completed, eligible-candidate materials to the Section Chair for selections to be made at the Sectional Meeting.
    3. Duties of Section Scholarship Chair:
      1)      Receives applications and reference forms from National Chair.
      2)      Distributes forms to local chairs upon request.
      3)      Receives completed forms and official transcripts from local chair.
      4)      Checks applications for completeness and determination of eligibility.
      5)      Submits completed, eligible-candidate materials to the Section Scholarship Committee for final recommendation
    4. Duties of Section Committee:
    5. 1)      Secures application and reference forms from Section Chair
    6. 2)      Distributes forms to Unit Scholarship Chair. 
      3)      Receives completed forms, transcripts or grade reports from Unit Chairs.
      4)      Makes Section selections of   candidates for ABA Scholarship Awards.
      5)      Submits Section selections, to the National Scholarship Committee Chair, with completed forms and official transcripts, to be received no later than one week prior to the week of the National Tournament.
    7. Duties of the National Scholarship Committee:

  4. 1)      Secures a supply of needed scholarship forms.
    2)      Distributes forms to the SVP.
    3)      Receives completed forms from Section Scholarship Chairs.
    4)      Attests to the acceptability of the recommended candidates’ forms.
    5)      Submits all accepted requests to the abaECF Board of Directors.
    6)      Reports recommendations of the National Scholarship Committee to the Board of Directors of the abaECF and requests that  scholarship stipends be paid.
    7)      Receives a response to the National Scholarship Committee’s report from the abaECF Board of Directors.
    8)      Publishes information about the Scholarship Program in the ABA BULLETIN.
    9)      Indicates time, due dates, amount of stipends and procedural information to the SVP.
    10)    Answers questions that might be raised concerning ABA Scholarships.
    11)    Furnishes “Follow-up” information to the committee concerning past scholarship recipients.

  5. Recipients (Clubs, Units, Sections) of scholarship donations should acknowledge receipt to the donor and send a notice of same to National Office.
  6. Information on the Scholarship Games is found in Part V of the ABA Handbook.
  7. Click Here To Complete Scholarship Form Online