Learn To Play Bridge

The  2:30 PM U/600 game has been replaced by the 2:30 PM Under 1200 game.  

Bridge Is Fun

The new schedule for ABA BBO games, includes seven (7) online games daily 7 days each week: 11 AM, 2:30 PM,  5:30 PM - 8 PM -  EST, and 11:00 PM EST, Daylong MP, Daylong IMP.

If you are visiting this site you have probably at least given some thought to playing bridge and you have reasons why the idea of playing bridge has crossed your mind.  Before telling you how to get started, we would like to give you a few reasons why you should learn to play bridge.

  1. Many physicians recommend bridge to patients as a means of maintaining sharp mental focus.
  2. A recent article in AARP discussed a clinical study that proved that bridge could help maintain cognitive skills and retard the decline in mental abilities as one grows older.
  3. Bridge enhances mathematical skills and logical thinking.

B.  It improves and enhances social skills

  1. Bridge is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends.
  2. To be effective as a bridge player one must develop interpersonal skills which will help partner play his or her cards better.
  3. The interpersonal skills developed in bridge carry over to many other aspects of life.

C. Bridge provides many opportunities to travel

  1. Virtually every major city has at least one duplicate bridge club.
  2. Contact the club and you will immediately have someone to play with.
  3. Club members will also assist with other challenges of travel such as finding reasonable accommodations and eating places.

D. Bridge provides an opportunity for competition at all levels of ability.

  1. Usually at tournaments there will be players from experts to novices.
  2. As a beginner you will compete against others at your own level.  As you improve and advance you move up to higher levels of competition.
  3. You will always find new challenges as you move through the ranks.


Whether you play for the social aspects, the mental stimulation, the travel, or the competition, wherever bridge players get together we eat, drink and have fun.  We celebrate ourselves and each other.  After you play a while, bridge tournaments become almost like family reunions.  You compete, you catch up with old friends, and you have yourself a ball.


If you decide to give us a try, and we hope you will, look on the side panel and you will see a tab that says “Find a teacher”.  Click on this tab and it will give you a list of certified teachers by state.  Each teacher in a given state will have contact information and the level of classes he or she teaches.  E-mail, text, or call the teacher nearest you and find out when and where that person has classes.  Good luck and I am sure that you will find bridge to be a fun and fascinating experience.