1.  Objectives

a.  To provide an opportunity to bridge players at all levels to share in bridge education sections at the Spring and Summer Nations and provide on-going information and support between these times.
b.  To provide a format of certifying ABA teachers to maintain an up-to-date roster of active certified teachers
c.  To provide a teacher workshop at the Nationals.
d.  To develop a bridge text that all ABA teachers would use for beginning bridge class instructions.

2.      Bridge Teacher Certification: Applicants for teacher certification must meet the following criteria:

a.         Attendance/participation in at least two Regional Seminars.
b.        Minimum of one year of supervised bridge teaching experience or any professional teaching experience.
c.        Written endorsement from the SVP and Unit/Independent Club President.
d.        Section Vice Presidents (SVPs) are responsible for:

i.        Establishing Regional Teacher Seminars within each section
ii.        Appointing the Section Education Chair who serves on the NationalCommittee and coordinates the
iii.      Respective Section’s Education Committee’s Programs.

Merit Awards/Life Memberships

This Award is designed to recognize individuals who have rendered faithful service to the Association, often-times inconspicuously. The Board of Directors acts upon recommendations submitted by the Merit Awards/Life Membership Committee.

Life Memberships:  Life Membership is awarded to individuals who have been ABA members for at least twenty (20) years and have a record of outstanding service at the local, sectional and national levels.  National Officers, including Section Vice-Presidents, are ineligible for nomination until they leave office.

Merit Award:   Sections should identify a candidate who has rendered meritorious service WITHOUT COMPENSATION the PREVIOUS YEAR.   Each section is guaranteed one merit award per year.   A total of eight (8) merit awards are available annually.  If a Section does not submit a recommendation in a given year, the count will be reduced to reflect the number of nominations received.  Sections may submit only one name for the Merit Award annually.


Awarding scholarships is one of the major community projects of the American Bridge Association.  The number of scholarships awarded is currently three (3) for each of the eight sections, $1000.00 per recipient.  The Scholarship Program is funded through proceeds from the Nationwide Scholarship Game, scholarship games sponsored by Sections/Units/Clubs and other funds from the ABA Educational and Charitable Foundation, Inc.  The Scholarship Committee is composed of a chairperson and two (2) members from each section.  Click here for more info.


 George Hudson has a list of areas he wants to address as President of the ABA which includes increasing the skill level of new players, increasing the ABA membership and increasing the number of newer players attending tournaments. These are the main objectives of this new committee. 

Everyone playing bridge was introduced to the game by someone and most people had a “Mentor” who showed them the ropes and how to play. When 4 novices play together, incorrect bids, contracts, leads, defense, and play of the hand takes place and most of it is never acknowledged, discussed or corrected. Someone wins the hand and game and amasses a good amount of master points. Novices keep doing this in the lower flights until they have collected a lot of points and then have to play against the “Big Dogs”. There they realize why the 1st place in flight B is only 12th score place in flight A. When an AM plays with a PRO, the AM learns something from each hand that is played. The PRO can provide polite tips and comments that “teach” as you play and these “tips” are remembered by the AM player for life. The mistake is not usually made twice. A Mentor/Mentee relationship augments the new players study and practice with experience during play from someone who can recognize the areas for improvement the new player can best benefit from. 

Membership and Recruitment

This committee is responsible for:

1.         Providing guidance and consultation to section, unit and club officials relating to recruitment and retention of                                members.

2.         Holding committee meetings at National tournaments.

3.         Communicating regularly with the President and officials regarding membership growth.

4.         Developing a recruitment program to achieve membership growth.

5.         Recommending innovative activities designed to increase membership growth.

6.         Obtaining periodic up-dated lists of members from National Office to assess progress.

7.         Cooperating with other committees (such as publicity and marketing) to achieve increased membership.

New Players:  

This committee is responsible for: 

1.         Planning, directing and coordinating New Player Education and social activities at National Tournaments.

2.         Holding committee meetings at National tournaments.

3.         Highlighting New Player activities in the ABA BULLETIN.

4.         Making written reports of above functions to the Board of Directors.

5.         Obtaining periodic up-dated lists of new members from National Office.

6.         Preparing and submitting an annual budget to the Board of Directors.