Instructions for Club Secretaries

There are two modules listed on this page.  The first one is the Club Roster which contains the current members of your club.  The second is a dues payment module which you will use to indicate 2018 dues payment for your club members.  Please check the information for each player on the club roster to ensure that the information is correct.   To edit the player information simply do the following:

·         Select member’s player ID and update any information for members. 

                Click edit to left of player ID, the editable fields will be highlighted
                Make corrections as necessary
                Once corrected, click update to the left of the player ID

                If you click edit for a record that does not need updating, click cancel

·         Most importantly, please make every effort to include e-mail addresses.

 To process members who have paid their 2018 dues:

·         To renew an existing member of your club.

         Select the player’s id from the drop down list and click the dues payment button.
         Repeat for each member who has paid their dues .  Forward your club’s check for the total number of renewals.

·         For new members, you must input their information on the blank form enclosed and mail it with your check.