President's Message



The State of The American Bridge Association is healthy and well in spite of all the campaign rhetoric that you have been hearing. Thanks to your enthusiastic support of the financial changes that you recommended and adopted, WE WILL SURVIVE! Your administration continues its work to reduce cost as we try to motivate you, our members, to increase your participation in sanctioned games. We can do all that we can to reduce cost and have already maximized efforts to increase revenue. The only option left is sanction income. Please continue to support our efforts and have your games, they are important to our financial stability.

As we move into the shadows of our Summer National in Lombard, I am verypleased to inform you that it appears we will have a very spectaculartournament. You once again have rallied and presently our room block istotally sold out. The Host Group is excited about your enthusiastic supportand has a very dynamic cadre of events scheduled for you. If you arriveearly on the first day (Aug 17), you can start your tournament with the Meetand Greet Reception. See all of your friends that are in attendance.Emphasis will be on bridge education with World Renowned Players aspresenters and if you are interested in gaming at a table other than bridge,you may sign up for the run to the casino. There will be Obama Day,Favorite Team Day, Ethnic/Greek Day plus Summer National T-shirt Day. Sportyour stuff to represent on each of these days with your special attire.Then if you need the exercise and want to stay on top of the latest dancesteps, Line Dance to the latest moves and strut your stuff. This NationalTournament will not only emphasize the game of bridge, but also to try andbring back the comradery and fun that we have come accustom to over theyears. Leave your seriousness at the bridge table and have fun betweensessions. Enjoy yourself, Enjoy yourself, Enjoy yourself for me!!!

Teacher and Director Certification continue to be very high on the list ofpriorities of this administration. These two areas would certainly rank 2ndand 3rd with Recruitment being 1st. If we are able torecruit new members we have to be able to teach them bridge. Newertechniques along with Mini Bridge can make learning the game much easier andmore fun. We will continue to have the Teacher Certification Work Shop atone of our National tournaments. This program is accepted by both ABA andACBL which allows you to receive a dual certification. It is also a goal toincrease director efficiency and we are in dire need of directors. I wouldlike to see every club with at least one Level III director, capable ofdirecting a Grade A, every section with at least one Level IV or higher,capable of directing their Sectional tournament. As directors we MUST besupportive and assist one another to help provide the best games possiblefor our members. Certified directors must continue their training toprovide an efficiently run game according to accepted policy with correctresults. We will continue to have a Director Training Work Shop at one ofour National Tournaments for your benefit and where warranted we willorganize and hold Director Retreats within an area for a weekend of directortraining. We have a number of directors retiring and need new andenthusiastic replacements for them.

Absentee voting has met its deadline and is no longer available. On sitevoting is all that remains and will be available at the tournament inLombard. Check the flash for times when the polls will be open. If youcare about the longevity of the American Bridge Association, VOTE!!!