President's Message


July 8, 2016

Wow!! We are rapidly approaching the start of our Summer National and it appears that we are going to have excellent participation. The host group has an excellent schedule of events planned for you and you need to be there to take advantage of one of the best tournaments yet. Some of you may have waited too long to make reservations at the host hotel. We have recently added fifty rooms to our room block and most of those are already gone. We may not be able to get any more rooms, but we are trying. Let us know if you have any problems and we will do the best that we can to assist you. If you need to cancel a room, please contact Mrs. Andreda Pruitt at 323-708-5342 in order that we may be able to offer it to someone waiting for a room.

We are encouraging all of our members to attend our national tournaments. Especially our new players, as we are trying to enhance our new player games. It is very difficult for us to provide adequate opportunities for new players if we don’t have enough of them present to warrant a separate section. New players are very valuable to us as they are the future of the organization. We are trying hard to make all of you aware of zero tolerance and procedures to follow if you encounter a violation of the policy. Only you can make the difference as we try to make conditions more harmonious and rewarding for you. We want you to have fun and enjoy this game of bridge. We also want your experiences in the American Bridge Association to be enjoyable.

Congratulations are in order to one of our own and I invite you all to give a special shout out to Ms Linda J. Dunn. Around mid-July Linda will become In-House Counsel to the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). There she will act as legal counsel to the ACBL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and management staff as he may direct. Her involvement will include day-to-day operations, administrative, corporate and non-profit, business and government matters. The In-House Counsel (i) advises management on player disciplinary issues, complaints, charges and appeals, (ii) provides response to district, unit and member questions, (iii) provides legal review and advice on the ACBL’s Code of Disciplinary Regulations, (iv) acts as legal counsel to the Board’s Appeals and Charges Committee and (v) manages litigations. Linda will attend meetings of the ACBL Board of Directors to act as advisor and parliamentarian to the Board and its committees.

Linda is a second career attorney with experiences in large firm and in-house legal practices, business planning, financial analysis, as well as business management. She has a BA in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard University and a JD/MBA from Harvard Business and Law Schools. She recently earned a Masters in Law from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Linda learned to play bridge in high school in Memphis, TN, continuing through her college years in the Eastern Section and the Mid-Western Section where she had to resign as President of the Chicago MBU to accept her new position. Congratulations to Linda J. Dunn and much success in your new job. You will be missed, but we look forward to continuing our working relationship with you and the ACBL.

We still need your help with the two initiatives that we have running; “Everyone Bring One” and “ABA Pride” (name tags). If we are to increase our membership, the effort has to start with you. If we can help in anyway, we stand ready to do so. I have attended several tournaments and was proud to see the number of name tags proudly worn. Get your club involved, be proud to be a member of the American Bridge Association.

Your continued support to this administration is the motivator that inspires us to work so hard on your behalf. As your president, my door is always open to your suggestions and ideas. Your vice president, who chairs your recommendations committee, welcomes your recommendations and assures you that his committee with evaluate and respond to every recommendation presented. Put your BEST foot forward and keep the ABA alive.




Hank, Your president