President's Message


8 August 2016

Well, our day has come and we are going to Arlington to enjoy all of the fabulous activities the host group has planned for us while enjoying our friends at the bridge tables. As you arrive in Arlington which is just a stone’s throw from the Capital City, the host group and American Bridge Association Board of Directors take this opportunity to thank those of youwho made it to this our 83rd Summer National Tournament. As your president I can’t begin to tell you how proud you have made me. We contracted for 1825 room nights at the Crystal Gateway. We know there may be some cancellations, but one week before the start of the tournament, we had 2200+ room nights booked. It is an honor for me to serve you when you offer this kind of support. I would like to thank Mrs. Andreda Pruitt, our convention manager, for her tireless effort to accommodate your needs after our room block was filled. I would also thank the hotel staff for their assistance as they were instrumental to our success.
You continue to make very positive statements by your actions supporting this administration and now I am going to ask you to do two more things for me. 1. If you are at the Summer National please attend the general membership meeting on Wednesday August 17. You are here at the tournament, put forth a maximum effort to add your influence to the running of the ABA. Remember, this is your organization and you the members are the controlling element when you are in session. Respectfully bring your ideas and suggestions and know that you can make a difference. Continue to support your board and we will support you. Welcome to Arlington!!! Participate, be active, play hard and enjoy every minute of the activities scheduled for you.
2. I recently attended the ACBL National tournament in Washington, DC and had very successful meetings with their President, CEO and Board of Directors. My presentation to all was received with overwhelming enthusiasm and they are very supportive of the ABA. As we (ABA and ACBL) strive to more harmoniously encourage the game of bridge in America, we engage in PROJECT OUTREACH. This is an effort to encourage cross play within our clubs. We are working very hard on procedures that will allow for points to be awarded between associations. It is believed that the reason we don’t play more with each other is that we can’t earn points if we win them. This is about to change and points will be awarded. This will become a reality as soon as we can work out the administrative details. I ask you to display ABA hospitality by visiting ACBL clubs and inviting them to come and play with you in yours. We can make this happen and make it a win-win for all who engage in this kind of outreach. The ACBL has taken a first step by removing the surcharge that non ACBL members paid to play. The surcharge is now paid by NON-ACBL OR ABA players in the game. This is a great first step. Stay tone for reports on other good things that are happening between our associations.
I still remind you to support “Everyone Bring One” as this our recruitment effort for 2016. Our numbers don’t seem to be improving and you are the mainstay of this effort. Please help us increase our numbers. As I travel to tournaments, I am so pleased to see so many of you displaying our ABA Pride Name Tags. Let’s keep the pride going until everyone has one and the pride to wear it. Lastly but more importantly I ask you all to keep Tony Lawson in your prayers. Last week, I made a day trip to Las Vegas to see how he was doing and can only report that he isn’t doing well at all. I did convey concerns and love on behalf of the ABA as we are his extended family. He will be missed at this national tournament.
We ask you to put forth your very best effort to help us make the American Bridge Association the best that it can be. Your continued display of support will keep this president, executives and board working overtime to support you. We all thank you!!