President's Message


April 7, 2016

The first national tournament of this administration is over and your president can only say “WOW, WOW, WOW and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU”. Your support and participation reduced my greatest fears to nothing. We don’t have all of the financial results in yet, but you have been instrumental in making this tournament a success. We were able to meet better than minimums of our contract obligations and with the adjustments made to spending, our combined efforts should ensure our success. Please know that your support of this administration is greatly appreciated and we will continue to work harder on your behalf to make the American Bridge Association a better and happier place to play this game that we love so much.

The directing staff also appreciates your support in getting games started on time and all that you did to make tournament participation more rewarding. Members participating in this tournament have generally indicated pleasure from their experience. The key to this success was directors closing registration 15 minutes prior to game time and requiring players to be in their seats 10 minutes prior to game time. With you meeting their request, they were able to do a better job for you. Please note that this sets the tempo for future tournaments and your efforts will again be needed to keep the trend that was set at this one.

There were so many players who stepped up to the plate to volunteer their service to make this tournament a success. I won’t try to identify them all for fear of missing someone. But I would like to mention our photographer, Mary Moragne, who was a volunteer that worked tirelessly to document events and players attending this tournament. It is this dedication and loyalty that will foster our success. Mary, from this administration, we appreciate all that you do and have done to record, document and memorialize events ongoing in the American Bridge Association and we thank you. ABAers please be aware that this is your organization and all that you, positively, do no matter how large or how small is a benefit to the organization and all of our members. Another way to say this is “Every Little Bit Counts” and you make the difference because you count.

Let’s make the ABA greater than it has ever been. You can make this happen also if you will support two national initiatives that we have going on. 1. Display ABA pride with the ABA name tag that is on sale through the national office. Encourage your clubs to be proud and have all members order one and then wear them to represent the club and the ABA wherever they go to play bridge. 2. Everyone bring one, our membership initiative for this year needs your help and support. Is it asking too much for you to contribute $40.00 to bring a new member or to reclaim one? If you love the ABA, I don’t think this is asking too much. Out of necessity, your Board of Directors has raised membership dues to $50.00 beginning in 2017. The BOD felt this was a sensitive issue and brought it to membership for ratification. Once again membership rose to the occasion and supported this increase. Bring in or reclaim your member before the dues increase becomes effective. Continue to support the administration that you elected to support and serve you. Be a part of the winning team, we need you.

There was another very sensitive issue where I, in the capacity of your president, had to invoke administrative oversight over a disciplinary action taken against one of our members. This incident was inappropriately spread across the ABA. I would like for you to know that there was no favoritism involved in this situation and under the same conditions, I would have reacted the same for any member of the ABA and I would do it again where injustice, violation of member rights and due process prevail. I applaud the demonstrated support of my actions, by you who walked out, during the general membership meeting in Orlando. Please know that I will never desert you and will always stand to protect your rights and ensure that the rules and regulations of the American Bridge Association are not abused or misused. This is my promise to you as your president. Thanks for your words of encouragement and support. You are the motivating force that keeps me working on your behalf.



HankYour president