Bill Marshall

Just a note from one of Bill's Bridge students

Bill Marshall passed away on Saturday, Feb 13. He was one of the "Pillows" of the Ann Wood Bridge Club and was very active until December 2015. Bill taught a bridge class every Friday at QLS in a room which was named for him, because of his dedication, commitment and contribution to Quality Living Services, Inc. Bill has been teaching bridge for over 40 years and playing the game for more than 60 yrs. He is responsible for a lot of us enjoying this game today. Let's keep his wife, Deloris, who is also a member of Ann Wood, in our prayers, as well as all of the family.

Herbert Eber, Bill Marshall sister's husband, also passed on Saturday Feb 13 after a long illness. Per Juanita, Herb's wife, Bill and Herb transitioned about 30 minutes of each other. Herb was a member of Ann Wood Bridge Club and often played with Bill at our Night Games due to his work. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Emma Fountain
P.S. Bill was my first bridge teacher. I am going to miss him.