The Club is the building block for the structure of the ABA.  It is the nucleus of the local group.  Membership in the ABA is obtained through Clubs.  Any individual desiring to affiliate may submit his/her membership through an ABA Club if (s)he resides in the area of jurisdiction (a 35 mile radius).  It is the Club's responsibility to inform individuals of dues obligations.  Payment to the Club for annual dues should be made in full. 
Clubs should participate in recruitment and educational programs.  On occasion, they may host Grade A, Sectional or National Tournaments.  Most importantly, the Club  provides the setting for weekly games.  It is the first administrative layer, and the first direct interface with with its members.

The Club President

The Club President oversees the general operations of the club and presides at business meetings.  (S)he ensures that business is conducted in accordance with Unit/Sectional/ National constitutions; participates in membership recruitment.

The Club Secretary

The Club Secretary is the direct liaison with the Unit. If a Unit does not exist, the Club Secretary is the channel for information to all levels of the ABA. This involves the processing and transmittal of memberships and City Game points. If the Club Secretary serves as Point Coordinator, this also will include the recording of all master points as well.

  1. When a player moves or changes his/her name for any reason, PSA Form 425, “Change of Address” must be completed by the Club Secretary. This form should be sent immediately to the Unit Secretary for updating the Unit files and transmittal to the Section and National Offices. Where there is no Unit, the Club Secretary transmits Form 425 to the Section and National Office promptly.
  2. Club Secretaries receive most of the pertinent correspondence from the National Office. The Secretary is responsible for seeing that it is distributed and shared with the appropriate persons. An up-to-date file should be kept of all ABA correspondence. This file should be passed to their successors to insure a smooth transition from one person to another.
  3. The Secretary records all minutes of all Club meetings.  These minutes should be filed and passed on to seceding secretaries.
  4. The Club Secretary prepares the PSA Form 404A.  Please follow the latest instructions for new procedures for submission via the ABA Web Site.  (Instructions on PSA Form 404A.  Section IV in this packet.)

Membership renewals and updates in membership

Club Secretaries will be able to access the ABA database to update membership renewals.  Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log into the ABA website at
  2. ​Log in using your user name (aba player number i.e. 02022) and password. 

If you have not   registered on the aba website, you must register in order to access the club roster and dues payment page.  If you are already registered, proceed to Register:  Click on MYABA on the Menu Bar, you will see the register button on the Login Form. It will prompt you to register.  Enter your five digit ABA number and Last Name.  Once your ID has been validated, you will see the Registration Form, all fields on the form are required, you need to provide a password, which should be at least seven (7) characters, alpha/numeric, or both. Please pick a password that you will remember.  It may be helpful to write in down and put it somewhere that you will remember! Once you are registered on the site, go to the menu bar at the top of the website and select: ABA Adm---select the Club Roster and Dues Payment from the menu and click on it.  Your Club Roster should come up with all the names of your current members.  Directly below the Club Roster is the Dues Payment Module. On the top of the Dues Payment Module, beside Dues Date is Dues Year.  Before you begin to pay dues, make sure Dues Year has the correct year showing.


  1. As your members pay dues, follow these instructions:
  2. Click is right next to your club name.  Click on the player number (all numbers are in the dropdown list).Select Player  
  3. Dues Date and Dues Amount are already generated, then
  4. Click Pay dues box just below Dues Total.  Repeat A, B and C until you’re done.
  5. The date will automatically change and that person will be updated in the database.  Be very careful and try not to make a mistake.  If you do, call the National Office for corrections. (404 768-5517)
  6. You cannot delete members.  If persons are on your rosters that are not renewing their membership, they will stay on the roster, but they will not be financial for the new dues year.  Be sure you only process members who have paid dues.
  7. To add new members or rejoining members using this renewal process, we will send you a form to manually input their information and send back to the National Office. We will then add these persons to your roster. You should make copies of the form in case you need additional copies during the year. 
  8. After you have completed your initial roster, please send the dues payment check to the National Office immediately. Make sure that the number of members paid equals the number paid to the National Office   If existing members make their payments after you have submitted your initial roster, you may go back to the Dues Payment Module and add them. Each time you return to the module you will be able to see all of the members that have paid dues. NOTE:  Sectional and club dues SHOULD NOT be sent to the National Office.
  9. Membership cards will be processed as usual after we receive your dues payment check.
  10. Only those listed as Club Secretaries and Unit Secretaries can access the membership roster for individual clubs/units. If the Secretary wishes to turn this duty over to someone else in the Club, call or email the National Office to make the adjustment. (Caution - Don't try to test the system before you are ready to input actual dues paid.  You may not be able to reverse your input)


  2. Click on edit next to the player name
  3. All of the fields will be highlighted for that player
  4. Make the necessary change
  5. Click on update

If you notice an error before you click update, click cancel and start over.  If you click update and then notice an error, contact the National Office for the error to be corrected.  Remember, you cannot delete anybody from the roster.  If a member does not pay dues, the member will not show up as financial for the current year. Please notify the National Office if any member on your roster is deceased.

A check for the appropriate amount of dues payments must be mailed to the National Office. Make checks for National dues and Club Charter fee payable to the American Bridge Association; checks for Section dues should be payable to the Section and checks for Unit dues should be made payable to the Unit. The appropriate charter fees must accompany the initial membership listing each year.  (As of this printing, membership dues are $50.00 per member. Club Charter Fees are $30.00 and Unit Charter Fees are $50.00.)