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Message from the President


July 7, 2015

The General Membership

American Bridge Association, Inc.


Dear Members:

It is with grave concern that I write this letter. As we progress through the election process for our next team of national officers, a disturbing demonstration of disrespect in our election process has appeared on the internet defacing a photo of one of the candidates.

It must be clearly understood that the website which displayed this despicable and unconscionable act is not an official affiliate nor has been condoned by the American Bridge Association, Inc. It is independently owned, unauthorized by the ABA and is not a sanctioned associate or representative of the ABA’s national or section websites, including the ABA Southwest Section’s website.

Any condoning of this defacement is in complete opposition to the spirit of dignity that established our organization; the same quality of character, dignity and respect for each other that we embrace today as members of the ABA. The strength of a group of tennis players in 1932 Buckroe Beach, Virginia, simply wanting to enjoy a game of bridge, is the foundation and hope for our organization; persevering as they overcame opposition and proving their abilities - Our Abilities - as equals at the bridge table through respectful competition.

Members, I call upon you today to work together to maintain that spirit of respectful competition.

Respectfully yours,


George Hudson,President
American Bridge Association, Inc


2015 Election of ABA National Officers



Absentee Ballots must be requested by mail beginning June 1.

Completed Absentee Ballots for voting must be post marked by July 31 2015.  

All financial members as of May 31, 2015 are eligible to vote in the 2015 Election of National Officers. Onsite voting will occur Tuesday, August 4, 2015 in New Orleans. Absentee ballots will be secured and counted after on-site ballots have been counted. Official Election results will be announced at the General Membership meeting on Wednesday, August 5, 2015. If you are unable to attend the 2015 Summer National in New Orleans you may cast your ballot by US Mail. Only official ABA Absentee Ballots will be accepted. You may obtain an Absentee Ballot Request Form online at the website or copy and complete the Absentee Ballot Request Form on this page and mail as directed. You will then receive an Absentee Ballot packet in the mail. Complete and mail your Absentee Ballot as directed in your voting packet. Ballot must be postmarked by July 31. Nominations were finalized at the 2015 Spring National Tournament in Atlantic City. Following is the Official ABA Slate for the Election of National Officers for the 2016-2017 term:

National President

Jewel Chapman

Henry Irwin

National Vice President

Gloria Christler (Incumbent)

Eric Shelton

National Secretary

Willetta Phipps

National Treasurer

Tolliver McKinney

Mary Mason Young

Click here to download the absentee ballot form!