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Saying goodbye" is never easy, but the time has come to do just that with advent of the New ABA Website. The ABA’s website at has been redesigned and reorganized with an emphasis on form and function. Visitors to the new website encounter a streamlined look to the site’s navigation on top and bottom of each page.  Selecting any of the primary links on the homepage takes the viewer to a landing page that uses side menus to explore that particular topic in more detail. If you have trouble finding your way around the new layout, there are several ways to help orient yourself.  First, scroll down to the bottom of any page on the site.  There you will find a large array of commonly used links.  Take a minute to test-drive the new site now.  For a short tutorial, please plan to attend the seminar at the Spring National Tournament in Detroit. We’re interested in your feedback.  Websites are always a work in progress and member comments are essential to providing a great experience for everyone.  Whether it is a matter of appearance, a broken or incorrect link, a search engine problem, or weird formatting issues, please let us know how to make the site better.

Our new Webmaster is Gwendolyn White. Send all information for the website (except tournament results)  to Bill Turner will continue to post all game results to the site.

HAVING PROBLEMS CALL THE ABA NATIONAL OFFICE – 404-768-5517 or you may use the "contact us" form link in the menu.
TO HAVE INFORMATION POSTED TO THE WEBSITE --Contact Gwen White by email at  

April 12th thru 18th in Dearborn, MI
Edward Hotel and Convention Center
600 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, Mi

Coming June 1, 2018, the ABA Headquarter's Benefit Nationwide DAY Game and the ABA Benefit Nationwide NIGHT Game.  That's right!  We will have "two" Nationwide games on June 1st, a "day" game and a "night" game.  It will be a double treat. Double your pleasure! Double your fun.  "Win Big Points" for the two games wrapped in one.  Club/Unit Officials request your Game Packages by May 18, 2018.  Contact Shirley Williams, Nationwide Game DIC, at

Five (5) tables, or more tables are needed to participate in the overall Nationwide competition.  Local winners who do not place overall in the Nationwide competition, or have 2 1/2 to 4 tables are awarded  Sectional rated master points.  

July 26th thru August 4th in Austin, Texas
Double Tree By Hilton
605 Interstate Highway 35 N
Austin, TX 78752
(800) 233-3136 
Click on link below to make reservations bletree-by-hilton-hotel-austin-AUSLNDT/index.html